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Principals Conference 2022

Using evidence well as leaders

Using evidence well as leaders


Using evidence to inform education improvement is not enough. We need to be using evidence well. This requires a blend of “appropriate evidence” and “thoughtful engagement and implementation”. This session from the Monash Q Project will focus on how leaders can model, support and involve others in quality use of evidence. It will provide strategies and resources for strengthening the use of evidence in your school.

Associate Professor Mark Rickinson
Monash University

Mark Rickinson is an Associate Professor at Monash University.

Joanne Gleeson
Research Fellow
, Monash University

Joanne Gleeson is a Research Fellow at Monash University.

Blake Cutler
Research Assistant
, Monash University

Blake Cutler is a Research Assistant at Monash University.

Lucas Walsh
, Monash University

Lucas Walsh is a Professor at Monash University.